Julie CafleyThe Cafley Committee is inspired by the example set by Julie Cafley. A consummate connector of people and ideas and a woman with enviable energy, enormous generosity of spirit, and great optimism about life, Julie is an irrepressible force of nature. And she employs her unique combination of intelligence, initiative and influence to inspirational ends.

Over a number of years, while completing a graduate degree, raising two young children and working full time in progressively demanding capacities, Julie has made it her personal project to nominate or support the candidacy of women she knows to a variety of local and national awards. This often time-consuming task is not one that she is paid to carry out, nor recognized for doing. She takes it on because she sees around her fabulous women who deserve to be honoured.

This unique brand of activism has inspired others to follow her example, putting forth the names of accomplished and worthy individuals for community recognition, national women’s awards, and honorary doctorates.

The Cafley Committee was conceived as a means of both acknowledging Julie’s leadership and influence, and encouraging others to follow in her footsteps. It bears her name as a tribute, and she has been persuaded to serve as its honorary patron, but its existence and operations are the responsibility of others who volunteer their time in support of its aims.

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